Dr Don is a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard Medical School and Global health Tutor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). He currently leads two global and high impact journals in global health as Editor-in-chief (Wiley) and Managing Editor (BMC Global Health Policy Journal).

He is also the Founder of GHF and the lead Course Director of the Global Health Emerging Leaders Programme. He was recently the Country Director for the Philippines at ACCESS Health International, a New York-based global think tank in health and development. He worked for the University of Liverpool (UK and China) for a decade and also holds academic appointments with a number of universities in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Don is a global health expert known for his work in research and empowerment in Asia and Africa. He finished his PhD in Global Health and Social Sciences at Cardiff University, MPH (International Course in Health and Development) at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, MSc Health Economics Policy and Law (Global Health) at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, BSc and MD at the University of the Philippines.  He has a major interest in global health, global surgery, and health systems, policy and financing.