Global Health Focus is an international initiative with the aim of developing critical thinkers, leaders, researchers, and innovators through its popular emerging leaders’ program in global health, research capacity building activities, and the creation of knowledge and evidence for translation to global health policy and practice. Since 2015, we have developed a strong network of leaders and researchers in Africa and Asia working with international organizations, spearheading global health initiatives, and publishing in top journals of the world through the mentorship we provide. 

Recognizing the evolving landscape of global health, we have been developing and converting various sub-themes into short courses delivered in different countries. As the understanding and definition of global health continue to evolve, these sub-themes emerge. Apart from our flagship Global Health Emerging Leaders Programme (GHELP), other successfully piloted initiatives include Global Health Pharmacy in Malaysia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone; Global Health Diplomacy in Kyrgyzstan; Global Health Nursing in Sudan and Cambodia; and Global Health Nutrition in Cambodia. Currently, we are in the process of developing two new sub-themes, Climate Change and Global Health, and Global Health Surgery. These sub-themes serve as crucial platforms for shaping participants’ understanding of global health as they engage in interactive discussions, debates, research, and initiatives.

Equity in global health leadership and research is a cornerstone of our mission. This commitment has led us to establish the Women in Global Health Leadership and Women Researchers in Global Health programmes. These initiatives aim to empower and support aspiring and established women leaders and researchers in the field. Through mentorship, skills development, and networking opportunities, we foster their professional growth and amplify their contributions to addressing global health challenges. Currently, we have over 50 young women benefiting from our mentorship programs in leadership and research, with many of them actively publishing and raising awareness on issues pertaining to women in crisis-affected countries in global conferences.

We are committed to mentoring and supporting university lecturers and researchers in the global south through the strengthening of local research capacity, including writing, training, and publication support, through our Achieving Universities Excellence through Research programme. We provide universities with a platform for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and collaboration on global health concerns of mutual interest. Through the Public Health Challenges journal, we actively support access to quality scientific publication opportunities for researchers from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), waiving article processing fees and promoting open access to knowledge.

Our Emerging Researchers in Global Health program is dedicated to supporting and mentoring early career researchers. Support is provided in designing and implementing research projects, establishing and maintaining research groups focused on diseases of global health concern, and publishing scientific papers and special issues in top global health journals. With over 30 members of our network serving as editors for reputable global health journals, we ensure the quality and impact of the research we support.

As a thought leader with unique expertise on global health issues in developing countries, we  actively contribute to shaping discussions, debates, and policy decisions in global health through numerous speaking engagements, conference presentations, and participation in expert panels at national, regional and international conferences. We draw attention to emerging and ongoing global health crises through rapid commentaries and news stories that we commission, to guide policy makers in effective decision making. These efforts allow us to contribute to the global health discourse, influence policies, and drive positive change towards achieving equitable health outcomes worldwide.

We are a keen advocate for the utilization of innovation as a unique tool to facilitate the translation of global health knowledge in tangible, real world solutions. Through personalized mentorships and small research grants that we provide to young professionals, we support and encourage the exploration and implementation of innovative ideas, interventions, and technologies to address inequities in global health, utilizing global health thinking to address local solutions. Our aim is to bridge the gap between research and practice, ensuring that evidence-based knowledge is translated into practical solutions that positively impact communities and contribute to equitable health outcomes.

We provide consultancy services, offering research skills and methodology training to universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). By cultivating a critical mass of individuals proficient in research writing and public presentation, we believe we can effectively address data scarcity in the global south. Our track record includes successful training, support, and mentorship provided to academics at the University of Calabar in Nigeria, the University of Sierra Leone, Free Town, Sierra Leone, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, and Maldives National University.