Shuaibu serves as a Programme Manager, Expansion Strategy at Global Health Focus (Africa). He leads the organisation’s outreach strategy for both Global Health Emerging Leaders Programme  and Journal of Public Health Challenges within the African region. He is a Registered Nurse graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Nigeria.

Shuaibu is an enthusiastic academic who enjoys researching and contributing to the scientific knowledge of subjects such as in Nursing, Public Health Promotion and Research, Global Health and Clinical Nursing Practice. He has written several research papers and has been published in reputable international journals. He is a member of the Youth Editorial Team of Public Health Challenges (Wiley).

At Global Health Focus, he also supports many young and emerging researchers on research and scientific publishing from different countries in Africa and has served as a reviewer for several international scientific journals.

Shuaibu is a leader who has participated in several non-governmental organisations concentrating on health promotion and awareness campaigns. This included work with the African Young Leaders for Global Health, Gombe Youth for Global Goals, and Vigor Health Drive, OMNIA Institute for Contextual Leadership, Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association, African Novice Nurses and Students Initiatives, among others. He is a member of the International Association of Public Health Logisticians. 

He plays golf and loves travelling, meeting people and making new friends and connections.